Kaapi Royale Coffees Listed on Koffeelink


Since first learning about the service at the 2011 SCAA Show in Houston, we were impressed about Koffeelink, a web-based sourcing system for locating and promoting green coffee inventory available for purchase in the U.S.A. and practically anywhere else. Each listing contains important information, such as the type, grade, processing method, place of origin and varietal, as well as the currently available quantity and present location (warehouse, afloat, at origin, etc.).

We are pleased to announce that we have now listed our remaining 2011 U.S. inventory online at Koffeelink and will shortly be launching the forward contract available inventory from our 2012 January harvest and inventory available in U.S. and European warehouses. Future entries will include independent cupping scores and profile spider sheets for each available coffee.

Links to available coffees are also found in the “coffees” section of this website.

Be sure to check out the listings and let us know what you think!


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2 responses to “Kaapi Royale Coffees Listed on Koffeelink”

  1. palmer says :

    I can’t get to your inventory on koffeelink. Is the site down?

  2. Andrew says :

    Unfortunately Koffeelink ceased functioning at the end of 2012. In-country inventory is presently sold out until 2014 but we will keep you notified next year. In the meantime, you may contact Crop to Cup Coffee in the USA or MTC in Australia or Korea for green purchasing from landed inventory.

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