Sethuraman Estate RKR is Certified as the First Fine Robusta

CQI - Coffee Quality Institute

We are extremely excited and honored to announce that our Robusta Kaapi Royale from Sethuraman Estate has been certified as the very first Fine Robusta or ‘R’ Coffee by the Coffee Quality Institute.

The official announcement is as follows:

LONG BEACH, CA (March 6, 2012) – Sethuraman Estate’s Robusta Kaapi Royale (RKR) has become the first Robusta coffee certified by the Coffee Quality Institute’s R Coffee System. In a blind evaluation performed last month, the coffee achieved a score of 82.76 to receive the first R Certificate issued in the organization’s recently launched Fine Robusta initiative.

“CQI’s mission is to improve the quality of coffee and the lives of the people who produce it, including those who grow Robusta,” commented CQI Executive Director Ted Lingle. “Robusta farmers have not enjoyed the higher coffee prices of the past several years, as low (or no) standards for Robusta coffees have rendered them an inferior substitute for their Arabica cousins,” he continued. “The R Coffee System was established to set an industry standard and independently identify high quality Robustas so that these coffees may receive the acknowledgment and market differentiation they deserve.”

In a process similar to the industry standard Q Coffee System, R Coffees are evaluated by three Licensed R Graders under the Coffee Quality Institute’s R Grading System at CQI or one of its authorized In-Country Partners. Coffees successfully meeting the standards to be considered Fine Robusta as defined by the Fine Robusta standards receive an R Certificate. Those that do not meet the minimum requirements receive a technical report.

“We are truly honored to receive the first quality certificate for a Robusta coffee from CQI,” said Sethuraman Estate Managing Partner Nishant Gurjer. “This is not only an important achievement for the people of Sethuraman Estate, it is a historic moment for all Robusta coffee growers. We hope that this program will go far to change Robusta’s reputation in the specialty coffee industry and to inspire all Robusta farmers to improve quality.”

Arabica and Robusta coffees certified by CQI are listed in the Q Coffee database at along with a copy of each certificate and compiled scores from the evaluation.

You can see the R Certificate and scoresheet on the CQI website, here. We will keep you apprised of future certifications and the progress of the program, which we expect will do great things to help quality of Robusta coffee everywhere.


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