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Dry spell may mean trouble for India Robusta harvest

hindu business line

Nishant Gurjer was quoted in today’s Hindu Business Line about the current dry weather conditions in India and its possible impact on the 2012/13 Robusta coffee harvest.

“Robusta coffee is highly susceptible to water stress. The current dry spell will affect robusta production, though how much is difficult to say,” said Mr Nishant Gurjer, Managing Partner, Sethuraman Estates and Kaapi Royale Coffee.

Read the full article in the Hindu Business Line


Rains continue to fall in Magundi

When it rains, it pours! As the rains continue to fall in Magundi, we’ve been busily getting ready to leave for the SCAA show in Atlanta.

Frogs play in the irrigation ditches

Frogs play in the irrigation ditches

Another 4″ of rain fell in the past week, in addition to 2″ the prior week. The timing is still very good, making the manual irrigation efforts that are normal this time of year less necessary.

Liming operations will commence shortly to ensure optimum soil pH levels.

Farm Report from Sethuraman Estate

I checked in with Nishant at Sethuraman Estate earlier today to ask him how things were coming along on the farm and thought that it might be the sort of thing that would be interested to share his on the blog. Before entering the coffee business, I never gave much thought to farming, but now find its subtleties very enjoyable. It is very reassuring to think of all those coffee plants slowly growing strong and bearing the coffee that we will enjoy in the near future.

Report from the Farm

Report from the Farm

We received 2″ of rain the in the last week, which is not unseasonal, but the timing was perfect! Under the guidance of S. Selvaraj, we’ve been irrigating the crops lately to prepare them for the upcoming rainy season, so the extra help from Mother Nature was greatly appreciated.

Ongoing efforts are underway to replant approximately 7-10 acres of old trees each year for the next 4 years. Sadashiva’s team is preparing baskets to plant about 6,000 new seedlings.

Preparations for the monsoon season are now underway, including the regulation of natural shade trees. Shade trees are being pruned so that quick-growing new leaves will protect the coffee plants from heavy rains. The trimmings become a natural fertilizer.

Applying soil fertilizer

Applying soil fertilizer

Farm Manager Thimmaiah reports that we have just finished applying our first round of fertilizer for the season. The rains were a big help for the nutrients to be absorbed into the soil.

All for now, we will check in with another update soon.