India’s emerging specialty coffee market

Roast Magazine Jan Feb 2012

The January / February 2012 issue of Roast Magazine article features the emerging specialty coffee markets of China, the Middle East, Russia and India. Be sure to read Nishant Gurjer’s quotes on the current state of India’s booming specialty coffee development and gives his outlook for the future in: The New Frontier, Specialty Coffee’s Emergence in China, India, the Middle East and Russia


See us at the Seoul Cafe Show 2011

Seoul Cafe Show 2011

Come see us in Korea at the 10th International Seoul Cafe Show at Coex exposition center, November 24-27. Look for us at the Coffee Board of India exhibit, we will have samples from the 2010-2011 season and will be discussing plans for the 2011-2012 harvest that is just about to get underway.

See you in Seoul!

Kaapi Royale Coffees Listed on Koffeelink


Since first learning about the service at the 2011 SCAA Show in Houston, we were impressed about Koffeelink, a web-based sourcing system for locating and promoting green coffee inventory available for purchase in the U.S.A. and practically anywhere else. Each listing contains important information, such as the type, grade, processing method, place of origin and varietal, as well as the currently available quantity and present location (warehouse, afloat, at origin, etc.).

We are pleased to announce that we have now listed our remaining 2011 U.S. inventory online at Koffeelink and will shortly be launching the forward contract available inventory from our 2012 January harvest and inventory available in U.S. and European warehouses. Future entries will include independent cupping scores and profile spider sheets for each available coffee.

Links to available coffees are also found in the “coffees” section of this website.

Be sure to check out the listings and let us know what you think!

Sethuraman RKR Nirali Now at Sweet Maria’s

Sweet Maria's

We are excited to announce that the highly respected green coffee and coffee roasting supplier Sweet Marias now carries our Sethuraman Estate RKR (Robusta Kaapi Royale) Nirali, which is available for purchase online.

From Thompson Owen’s cupping notes:

The aftertaste is extremely long and persistent, turning pungent in the finish as would a bittersweet chocolate. It’s an amazing robusta, and actually has a maple syrup sweetness lingering in the cup.

You can read a complete set of Tom’s cupping notes and recommendations for roasting at Sweet Marias.

Muddy Dog Roasting Named Top Coffee by Fortune Magazine

Muddy Dog Roasting

Our friends at Muddy Dog Roasting Company were mentioned today on Fortune Magazine’s list of “nation’s best small coffee” roasters. Congratulations to Jim Pellegrini and his team for consistently serving excellence!

Kaapi Royale Coffee Announces New North American Importer

Vournas Coffee Trading

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA (August 1, 2011) – Beginning this month, Vournas Coffee Trading will import coffees from Kaapi Royale Coffee of Karnataka, India to The Annex warehouse location in Oakland, California.

Offerings from Kaapi Royale Coffee include top scoring traditional and special preparation arabica microlots from India’s key growing regions, as well as ultra-premium robusta (conventional, biodynamic and organic certified) and rare liberica coffees from Sethuraman Estate.

“We had really never tasted anything like the Sethuraman robustas before,” remarked Vournas Coffee Trading co-founder Andrew Vournas, “clean, sweet, delicate acidity and a rich buttery mouthfeel, but without the rubbery or bitter aftertaste normally found in robusta. These are exactly the sort of high-end but under the radar coffees that we look for to provide value to our clients.”

A coffee from Sethuraman Estate is the highest-ever robusta reviewed by, with a score of 94 points from Ken Davids when evaluated as a single origin espresso.

“Indian specialty coffees are still relatively unknown in North America,” admits Kaapi Royale Coffee Managing Partner Nishant Gurjer, “so we are very pleased to have Vournas Coffee Trading as a new partner who can help to give our coffees greater visibility and a stable home in America.”

For additional information or availability, visit the Vournas Coffee Trading website at or call 818-879-1443.

About Vournas Coffee Trading
Vournas Coffee Trading is a family run, full-service specialty green coffee importing company founded in 2002 by brothers Andrew and Michael Vournas. Known for an old world style of helpful service, Vournas maintains a selection of conventional, shade grown, certified and decaffeinated green coffees on both U.S. coasts. For more information, visit

About Kaapi Royale Coffee
Kaapi Royale Coffee of Magundi in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka, India, exports specialty Indian coffees and is the exclusive representative of Sethuraman Estate coffees. Sethuraman Estate is the three-time winner of “Best Robusta” in the Coffee Board of India’s Flavour of India competition and received the highest-ever rating for a Robusta coffee of 94 points from coffee reviewer Ken Davids. For more information, visit

Kaapi Royale to Introduce Coffee in Conversion at SCAA

HOUSTON, TX (April 7, 2011) – Kaapi Royale Coffee will unveil samples of its first crop of coffee in conversion, named Nisarga, at the Specialty Coffee Association of America exposition later this month in Houston.

“Coffee in conversion” is an independently audited designation given to coffees that are grown using organic and/or biodynamic practices, but have not yet completed a prerequisite 3 year crop cycle necessary to be certified, labeled and sold as organic.

“Nisarga is the Sanskrit word for nature,” said Nishant Gurjer, Managing Partner of Kaapi Royale Coffee. “We take steps each season to make our Sethuraman Estate farm ever-increasingly environmentally friendly,” notes Gurjer. “Our coffee is all shade grown, uses 100% of our own worm-compost fertilizer and we recently deployed highly efficient new pulping equipment that will save thousands of gallons of processing water each year – a block of certified organic and biodynamic coffee is the natural next step.”

Nisarga coffee in conversion can be sampled at the Kaapi Royale Coffee booth #805 during exhibit floor hours April 28 – May 1 at SCAA’s Event held in Houston, Texas’ George R. Brown Convention Center.