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Crop to Cup Coffee Importers to Bring First R Certified Coffee to America

Crop to Cup Coffee

Breaking news: Crop to Cup Coffee Importers will be bringing our R Certified(tm) RKR and other coffee to the U.S.A. beginning next month. If you are in Portland for the SCAA Exposition, please come by and meet us at booth #6100 and taste all of our coffees in the Cupping Exchange Rm B117 on Saturday morning from 10:00 until 11:30.

CHICAGO (April 19, 2012) – Crop to Cup Coffee Importers has signed an agreement with Kaapi Royale Coffee of Karnataka, India to import the world’s first Robusta coffee certified by the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) into the United States. An initial shipment including the R Certified(TM) Sethuraman Estate Robusta Kaapi Royale (RKR) will be available at Crop to Cup’s warehouse facilities in metropolitan New York and Chicago beginning in late May.

“As a company whose mission is to import, broker and roast high quality sustainable relationship coffees, we’ve really found ourselves in close alignment with Kaapi Royale Coffee and the Sethuraman Estate,” stated Crop to Cup company co-founder Taylor Mork. “Fine Robusta coffees are not yet widely available or well known, but thanks in part to organizations like CQI, interest has been steadily growing in recent years. We look forward to introducing America’s better coffee roasters and consumers to a new generation of fine Robusta coffees never before thought possible.”

“Most Robusta coffees produced around the world fall far short of acceptable quality,” admits Kaapi Royale Coffee Managing Partner and proud sixth-generation Robusta farmer Nishant Gurjer. “We are excited to lead the charge for change and show coffee buyers from around the world what is possible from good Robusta coffee when workers, land and plants are given the care and proper attention -the opportunity for success- that they deserve. Crop to Cup Coffee is a perfect partner to represent our coffee and our message.”

The R Certified(TM) Sethuraman Estate RKR and others will be available to sample at the Specialty Coffee Association of America Exposition, Kaapi Royale Coffee booth #6100 and at the cupping exchange room B117 on Saturday, April 21st from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM.

For additional information or to discuss availability of these and other coffees, visit the Crop to Cup Coffee website at http://www.croptocup.com.


India’s robust step towards quality coffee

The January 2012 issue of Global Coffee Review features the article “India’s robust step towards quality coffee,” written by Nishant Gurjer. The article discusses changes in robusta farming over the years and the new and emerging specialty robusta market being spearheaded by a new generation of small farms.

The article is online now and available to GCR subscribers.

Kaapi Royale Coffees Listed on Koffeelink


Since first learning about the service at the 2011 SCAA Show in Houston, we were impressed about Koffeelink, a web-based sourcing system for locating and promoting green coffee inventory available for purchase in the U.S.A. and practically anywhere else. Each listing contains important information, such as the type, grade, processing method, place of origin and varietal, as well as the currently available quantity and present location (warehouse, afloat, at origin, etc.).

We are pleased to announce that we have now listed our remaining 2011 U.S. inventory online at Koffeelink and will shortly be launching the forward contract available inventory from our 2012 January harvest and inventory available in U.S. and European warehouses. Future entries will include independent cupping scores and profile spider sheets for each available coffee.

Links to available coffees are also found in the “coffees” section of this website.

Be sure to check out the listings and let us know what you think!

Sethuraman RKR Nirali Now at Sweet Maria’s

Sweet Maria's

We are excited to announce that the highly respected green coffee and coffee roasting supplier Sweet Marias now carries our Sethuraman Estate RKR (Robusta Kaapi Royale) Nirali, which is available for purchase online.

From Thompson Owen’s cupping notes:

The aftertaste is extremely long and persistent, turning pungent in the finish as would a bittersweet chocolate. It’s an amazing robusta, and actually has a maple syrup sweetness lingering in the cup.

You can read a complete set of Tom’s cupping notes and recommendations for roasting at Sweet Marias.

Kaapi Royale to Introduce Coffee in Conversion at SCAA

HOUSTON, TX (April 7, 2011) – Kaapi Royale Coffee will unveil samples of its first crop of coffee in conversion, named Nisarga, at the Specialty Coffee Association of America exposition later this month in Houston.

“Coffee in conversion” is an independently audited designation given to coffees that are grown using organic and/or biodynamic practices, but have not yet completed a prerequisite 3 year crop cycle necessary to be certified, labeled and sold as organic.

“Nisarga is the Sanskrit word for nature,” said Nishant Gurjer, Managing Partner of Kaapi Royale Coffee. “We take steps each season to make our Sethuraman Estate farm ever-increasingly environmentally friendly,” notes Gurjer. “Our coffee is all shade grown, uses 100% of our own worm-compost fertilizer and we recently deployed highly efficient new pulping equipment that will save thousands of gallons of processing water each year – a block of certified organic and biodynamic coffee is the natural next step.”

Nisarga coffee in conversion can be sampled at the Kaapi Royale Coffee booth #805 during exhibit floor hours April 28 – May 1 at SCAA’s Event held in Houston, Texas’ George R. Brown Convention Center.

Sethuraman Estate featured in Hindu Business Line

Business Line

Sethuraman Estates and Kaapi Royale Coffee Managing Partner Nishant Gurjer was featured earlier this week in an interview for the Hindu Business Line in the article “Estate-branded Coffee Enters the US Market.” Specialty coffee estate branding is a topic of particular interest within India, having only relatively recently been opened to direct trade.

‘Estate-branded’ coffee enters US market
by Anil Urs

Sethuraman Estates, coffee plantation company based in Chikmagalur and focusing on ‘single-origin, estate-branded’ coffees, has managed to break into the United States coffee market by selling 7.5 containers (about 135 tonnes) of washed robustas directly, and also through exporters.

The US, traditionally arabica-consuming country, has begun to replace part of the robusta coffees sourced from various countries for their blends.

Washed robusta coffee has begun to get a toehold in the lucrative US market. Earlier, Indian robusta faced an uphill task to get the US roasters’ attention. Due to this, only sporadic amounts of coffee were being exported.

“We entered the US market in 2006 by participating in the Specialty Coffee Association of America event. Then we exported two containers (36 tonnes), again in 2008 we doubled it to four containers (72 tonnes). Today in 2010, we have reached 7.5 containers level (135 tonnes), said Mr Nishant R Gurjer, Managing Partner, Sethuraman Estates.

“Our participation in the specialty coffee expo in America helped us gain entry. Before that, we were exporting only small amounts,” he added.

Sethuraman Estates, located at Magundi in Chikmagalur, began its operations in 1950s with an aim of producing good quality Robusta coffees. In the US market, the company is marketing estate-branded coffees – the Sitara Parchment Robusta and the Ne Plus Ultra of Robusta coffee brands.

“To suit the US market, we focussed on the preparation and attention to details in the coffee processing, backed by shade trees under the arecanut and coconut trees wrapped in pepper vines. The coffees are hand-harvested and sorted. The beans are then pulped, naturally fermented, double-washed, and then patio-dried,” pointed out Mr Gurjer.

The ‘single-origin estate-branded’ coffee of Sethuram Estates fetches a premium of 30 per cent over what is traded in the domestic Indian market. Robusta coffees in the domestic market are currently traded at around Rs 90,000 a tonne.

According to the Coffee Board, as on September 16, exports of different forms of coffees such as instant and bulk forms of both Arabica and Robusta from India to the US market this calendar was 5,116.2 tonnes or 2.46 per cent of the total Indian coffee exports.

Certified Coffee Output on the Rise in India

Hindu Business Line

An article in today’s Hindu Business Line discusses the growing trend of coffee certification in India and quotes Kaapi Royale Coffee’s Nishant Gurjer on the subject:

Mr Nishant Gurjer, Managing Partner, Kaapi Royale, a speciality coffee player, said: “The fastest growing sector in speciality coffee is certified coffee. There isn’t much of a premium at present on certified coffee, but between two coffees of equal quality, certified would be preferred. In the US and Europe, it is a growing trend. What was a whisper and murmur is growing louder and louder.”

Although much of Kaapi Royale’s Coffee is organically grown, the organic certification process is currently underway at Sethuraman Estate and certified coffees will be available in future crop seasons.