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Kaapi Royale to Introduce Coffee in Conversion at SCAA

HOUSTON, TX (April 7, 2011) – Kaapi Royale Coffee will unveil samples of its first crop of coffee in conversion, named Nisarga, at the Specialty Coffee Association of America exposition later this month in Houston.

“Coffee in conversion” is an independently audited designation given to coffees that are grown using organic and/or biodynamic practices, but have not yet completed a prerequisite 3 year crop cycle necessary to be certified, labeled and sold as organic.

“Nisarga is the Sanskrit word for nature,” said Nishant Gurjer, Managing Partner of Kaapi Royale Coffee. “We take steps each season to make our Sethuraman Estate farm ever-increasingly environmentally friendly,” notes Gurjer. “Our coffee is all shade grown, uses 100% of our own worm-compost fertilizer and we recently deployed highly efficient new pulping equipment that will save thousands of gallons of processing water each year – a block of certified organic and biodynamic coffee is the natural next step.”

Nisarga coffee in conversion can be sampled at the Kaapi Royale Coffee booth #805 during exhibit floor hours April 28 – May 1 at SCAA’s Event held in Houston, Texas’ George R. Brown Convention Center.


Certified Coffee Output on the Rise in India

Hindu Business Line

An article in today’s Hindu Business Line discusses the growing trend of coffee certification in India and quotes Kaapi Royale Coffee’s Nishant Gurjer on the subject:

Mr Nishant Gurjer, Managing Partner, Kaapi Royale, a speciality coffee player, said: “The fastest growing sector in speciality coffee is certified coffee. There isn’t much of a premium at present on certified coffee, but between two coffees of equal quality, certified would be preferred. In the US and Europe, it is a growing trend. What was a whisper and murmur is growing louder and louder.”

Although much of Kaapi Royale’s Coffee is organically grown, the organic certification process is currently underway at Sethuraman Estate and certified coffees will be available in future crop seasons.