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Indian robusta bowls over Boston roasters

Hindu Business Line

A quick look back at the Emerging Market: India feature discussion held at this year’s Specialty Coffee Association of America exposition in Boston in The Hindu BusinessLine.


Indian robusta coffees have been received well at the Specialty Coffee Association of America meet held recently at Boston, US.

“With Boston being in close proximity to major coffee roasters in the US, the event was attended by a sizeable crowd,” Jawaid Akhtar, Chairman, Coffee Board told Business Line.

“Robustas are generally known to be harsh, but when American roasters tested our coffees, they were amazed to discover the mildness and aroma of Indian coffees,” he said.

The Coffee Board had taken up space at the specialty coffee association and visitors tasted liquid coffee, instead of coffee samples from different regions.

At the event, a session on “Emerging Markets in Specialty Coffee: India” was also held to educate the US roasters. The one-hour session mainly focused on why specialty coffee needs Indian robustas. The session was attended by about 70 roasters from the North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Sunalini Menon, CEO, Coffeelab Ltd, talked about the distinct characteristics of Indian coffee and coffee growers’ representative Nishant Gurjer, Partner, Kaapi Royale Coffee, and Chairman of Karnataka Planters’ Association (KPA), spoke about the farm practices of cultivating coffee in India. The moderator of the event was Andrew Hetzel, consultant, CafeMakers.

The Indian delegation had, besides the Coffee Board Chairman and the KPA Chairman, quality control expert Sunalini Menon, M.P. Devaiah of Allana Sons, Bharat Mandanna of BBTC, Jacob Mammen of Bhadra Group, Kurien who was representing Small Coffee Growers Association, Kerala, and US coffee trader Joseph John.

For the last three to four years, the Coffee Board has been focussing on the US market. “Roasters in US are increasingly using robustas in their blends, it is here we are focusing our attention to penetrate the most important market in the world,” said Gurjer.

Creating awareness of the Indian coffee in the US has led to gaining some ground in the market. Indian coffee exports to US are currently averaging at around 6,000 tonnes and is the 14th important market. Exports have doubled in the last five years. In 2008-09 exports stood at 2,556 tonnes.


Crop to Cup Coffee Importers to Bring First R Certified Coffee to America

Crop to Cup Coffee

Breaking news: Crop to Cup Coffee Importers will be bringing our R Certified(tm) RKR and other coffee to the U.S.A. beginning next month. If you are in Portland for the SCAA Exposition, please come by and meet us at booth #6100 and taste all of our coffees in the Cupping Exchange Rm B117 on Saturday morning from 10:00 until 11:30.

CHICAGO (April 19, 2012) – Crop to Cup Coffee Importers has signed an agreement with Kaapi Royale Coffee of Karnataka, India to import the world’s first Robusta coffee certified by the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) into the United States. An initial shipment including the R Certified(TM) Sethuraman Estate Robusta Kaapi Royale (RKR) will be available at Crop to Cup’s warehouse facilities in metropolitan New York and Chicago beginning in late May.

“As a company whose mission is to import, broker and roast high quality sustainable relationship coffees, we’ve really found ourselves in close alignment with Kaapi Royale Coffee and the Sethuraman Estate,” stated Crop to Cup company co-founder Taylor Mork. “Fine Robusta coffees are not yet widely available or well known, but thanks in part to organizations like CQI, interest has been steadily growing in recent years. We look forward to introducing America’s better coffee roasters and consumers to a new generation of fine Robusta coffees never before thought possible.”

“Most Robusta coffees produced around the world fall far short of acceptable quality,” admits Kaapi Royale Coffee Managing Partner and proud sixth-generation Robusta farmer Nishant Gurjer. “We are excited to lead the charge for change and show coffee buyers from around the world what is possible from good Robusta coffee when workers, land and plants are given the care and proper attention -the opportunity for success- that they deserve. Crop to Cup Coffee is a perfect partner to represent our coffee and our message.”

The R Certified(TM) Sethuraman Estate RKR and others will be available to sample at the Specialty Coffee Association of America Exposition, Kaapi Royale Coffee booth #6100 and at the cupping exchange room B117 on Saturday, April 21st from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM.

For additional information or to discuss availability of these and other coffees, visit the Crop to Cup Coffee website at http://www.croptocup.com.

Kaapi Royale to Introduce Coffee in Conversion at SCAA

HOUSTON, TX (April 7, 2011) – Kaapi Royale Coffee will unveil samples of its first crop of coffee in conversion, named Nisarga, at the Specialty Coffee Association of America exposition later this month in Houston.

“Coffee in conversion” is an independently audited designation given to coffees that are grown using organic and/or biodynamic practices, but have not yet completed a prerequisite 3 year crop cycle necessary to be certified, labeled and sold as organic.

“Nisarga is the Sanskrit word for nature,” said Nishant Gurjer, Managing Partner of Kaapi Royale Coffee. “We take steps each season to make our Sethuraman Estate farm ever-increasingly environmentally friendly,” notes Gurjer. “Our coffee is all shade grown, uses 100% of our own worm-compost fertilizer and we recently deployed highly efficient new pulping equipment that will save thousands of gallons of processing water each year – a block of certified organic and biodynamic coffee is the natural next step.”

Nisarga coffee in conversion can be sampled at the Kaapi Royale Coffee booth #805 during exhibit floor hours April 28 – May 1 at SCAA’s Event held in Houston, Texas’ George R. Brown Convention Center.

Kaapi Royale Coffee to Introduce Liberica Espresso at 2010 SCAA

ANAHEIM, CA – Kaapi Royale Coffee will serve samples of an espresso based on the rare Coffea liberica species during this week’s Specialty Coffee Association of America conference and exposition in Anaheim, California. The blend, called Anokhi Karma, combines coffee from the Liberica cultivar with others exported from India exclusively by Kaapi Royale Coffee.

“The purpose of this experiment was to produce something fun and different that will challenge conventional expectations of espresso flavour,” said Nishant Gurjer, General Partner of Kaapi Royale Coffee. “We believe that some will like the unusual flavour and other characteristics of Liberica and understand some will not, but hope that everyone who tastes it will be enriched by the experience.”

Anokhi Karma espresso will be served at the Kaapi Royale Coffee booth #2413 during exhibit floor hours Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the SCAA exposition. Availability is extremely limited for this rare coffee and will be served only while supplies last.

Kaapi Royale Coffee Invites Cup Tasters to Win an India Origin Trip at SCAA

The Kaapi Royale Coffee Challenge returns to this year’s Specialty Coffee Association of America exposition in California at the Anaheim Convention Center April 16th-18th. One Challenge Champion will be awarded a trip to join Kaapi Royale Coffee on their annual harvest origin tour.

All coffee professionals are invited to take the Challenge, a test of skill where participants must correctly identify the species of three Indian coffee samples by taste; bonus points will be awarded to those who can additionally identify the method of processing for those coffees or cultivars. Cuppings will be held in the SCAA exposition at the Kaapi Royale Coffee booth (#2413) during show hours. Advance registration is not required and there is no fee to participate. One winner selected from all top-scoring entries collected will be announced on Sunday, April 18th.

The Kaapi Royale Challenge Champion will receive an invitation to join Kaapi Royale Coffee in India for a 4-day guided farm tour during the 2011 coffee harvest season beginning this December. Roundtrip air transportation to Bangalore, local accommodations, meals and ground transportation within India will be provided; some restrictions and availability requirements may apply.

Event information:

Specialty Coffee Association of America Exposition
Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California
Booth #2413, Kaapi Royale Coffee

Show and event hours:

Friday, April 16th Noon to 5:30 P.M.
Saturday, April 17th Noon to 5:30 P.M.
Sunday, April 18th Noon to 4:00 P.M.

We hope to see you there!

2009 Kaapi Royale Challenge Winners

We had an exciting few days of action at this year’s SCAA show in Atlanta! The turnout was higher than anticipated and we received numerous positive comments about the Kaapi Royale Challenge competition — enough for us to already begin planning to do it again next year. We may even dream up some sort of new event that will take place sometime in between now and then, so stay tuned.

Without further ado, I’m pleased to announce our 3 winners for 2009:
Kaapi Royale Coffee Announces 2009 Challenge Results:

ATLANTA, GA (April 22, 2009) – Rob Forsyth of Forsyth Coffee (Australia), Allen Leibowitz of Zingerman’s Coffee Company (USA) and Geoff Watts of Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea (USA) are the winners of the 2009 Kaapi Royale Challenge.

All three gentlemen were able to correctly identify the species of 3 coffee samples as either Robusta or Arabica in a blind cupping held on Friday, April 17th concurrent with the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) annual exposition in Atlanta.

Winners will receive invitations to join Kaapi Royale in India for a 4-day guided farm tour of Karnataka’s Chikmagalur coffee growing region during the 2010 harvest season this December. Accommodations, meals and ground transportation between Bangalore and Chikmagalur will be provided.

“We were excited by the enthusiasm shown by all of our participants,” said Nishant Gurjer, Managing Partner of Kaapi Royale Coffee. “We were additionally very interested by the overall results of our blind cupping, which showed that only 1 in 6 experienced cuppers could correctly distinguish our high quality Indian Robusta from a comparably high quality Arabica coffee. We believe that industry this will go far to help dispel the myth that all Robustas are inferior to other species.”

The next Kaapi Royale Challenge will be held in May 2010 at the 22nd annual SCAA conference in Anaheim, California.

Last minute SCAA instructions

Salon I at the Embassy Suites hotel is now setup for our cupping and the Kaapi Royale Challenge! Please stop in anytime from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Friday. Ground floor in the main lobby, just look for the electronic or printed sign that says Kaapi Royale Coffee.

When coming from the GWCC (convention center) bear left leaving the main SCAA entrance or straight ahead out of the WBC entrance and look for the green Embassy Suites logo directly ahead. You can get an aerial perspective of the layout from our map.

Stairs on the left-hand side of the Omni hotel lead you down the the street level, then walk across to the Embassy Suites main lobby.

Estimated walk time is only 5 minutes, so feel free to drop in at your convenience throughout the day.

Organized cuppings of all the coffees will be run every 2 hours beginning at 9:00 AM, but will also be available on-demand. If you have any questions questions, call me directly anytime at +1 (808) 990-8717 or reply by email.

On Saturday afternoon at the Nuova Simonelli booth #233 beginning at 4:00 PM, we will have the same coffees from the cupping available as single origin espresso shots and also announce the Challenge winners at 5:00 PM.

We’ll see you there!